New: Percutaneous treatment of calcific tendinitis with immediate results

What can we do?
This technique consists of puncturing the joint (usually in the shoulder) using a needle with ultrasound guidance, dissolving and, if possible, aspirating tendon calcification. It is a painless technique, and is done using a bit of local anesthesia. Afterwards, the anesthetic blockade with long-acting corticosteroid was performed. In general, the repeated use of intra-articular corticosteroids is not recommended, so the infiltrations must be spaced.

What risks do you have?
Local discomfort at the puncture site. Cede in a few hours with conventional analgesics.

What other alternatives are there?
Currently, the only way to dissolve calcification is through surgery and then a period of 2 to 6 months of rehabilitation.

The main advantage of this treatment is the immediate result. People who couldn´t lift their arm before the treatment, had no problems lifting their arms after treatment.


Before treatment                                                               After treatment




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