EURO CLINICA RINCON celabrates its 20th aniversary! For this special occasion Euro Clinica Rincon organizes an OPEN DAY and RECEPTION on Saturday 26 October from 1 p.m.

A small retrospective about the start of Euro Clinica Rincon:

EURO CLINICA RINCON opened its doors on October 22, 1999. The clinic was set up by director/owner Jaap de Boer.  From 1993 to 1998 Jaap visited Benidorm for 2 weeks in the winter months to give resuscitation training to doctors, nurses and hibernators. Because of the people he got to know, the desire to emigrate to Spain grew!  In 1998, Jaap came into contact with two medical specialists.  They wanted to set up an osteoporosis clinic in Benidorm with the help of an investment group.  With a counter proposal from Jaap, he finally decided to set up a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic, which included the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

When he had a green light, it became possible for Jaap to carry out his plan. Once a suitable location was found, the renovations could start and after 9 months our current location was ready to go.  In August 1999, recruitment of medical specialists started.  Jaap started to work with the GP´s Enno Grasmeijer and Henk Nugteren. After all, they had been working in Benidorm for many years and they knew many specialists.

Because the location of the outpatient clinic was favorably chosen compared to the many nearby campsites, Euro Clinica Rincon became a household name after 3 years. In the early years it was mainly the Dutch winterers who used the medical services, nowadays the outpatient clinic is also visited by clients from England, Norway, Germany, Iceland and Spain. The clinic is an established value in Benidorm.

In 2009 the existing services were expanded with a home care organization. Despite the fierce competition in this Branch, the Home Care of Euro Clinica Rincon has established a good reputation. This is mostly thanks to the professionals who work at our home care organization.

Jaap: “In the past 20 years I have had a lot of fun with all the work in and around the clinic. Especially the many contacts with patients gave me a lot of positive energy! I would therefore like to sincerely thank all patients, both from the clinic and from home care, for their confidence in our employees and clinic. With great pleasure I will keep remembering the many beautiful years! Now it´s time to pass on the baton!

In January 2018, the outpatient clinic and home care organization were taken over by Hanneke Cazemier.

Hanneke has been working as a nurse in the home care organization of Euro Clinica Rincon since 2015.

Jaap is still associated with EURO CLINICA RINCON. Firstly to pass on ‘the baton’ – his knowledge – to Hanneke and secondly to gradually reduce his workload before his retirement. The vision is therefore to continue in the same way, namely to offer the best professional service in the field of patient care, within a pleasant and hospitable environment, whereby the interests of the patient come first!

On Saturday 26 October a.s. we want to celebrate the 20th anniversary in a big way and congratulate the old and new director. Therefore, we cordially invite everyone to get to know EURO CLINICA RINCON during the OPEN DAY.

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