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Welcome to the website of Euro Clínica Rincón

In 1999 this Dutch clinic opened its doors on the Costa Blanca in the centre of Benidorm.

Many tourists, vacationers and residents from Benidorm and the surrounding area, have already visited our outpatient clinic to their full satisfaction.

After all, it is so much easier and more pleasant to have a conversation in your own language.

From the first day we also work closely with family doctors in the area.

Our outpatient clinic offers virtually all medical specialties.

We also offer a complete package of high-quality diagnostic tests, which are carried out within 24 hours of request.

Our outpatient clinic partners with hospitals in Benidorm and Alicante and with various health insurance companies. In addition, we have a partnership with the diagnostic centre Amsterdam.

On May 1, 2009 Euro Clínica Rincón launched its own home care organization.

Our home care organization also provides assistance to private clients.

For more information and appointments, you can reach us on (+34) 966 830 849.

Measures Covid-19: To protect you and our staff as much as possible, we ask that you first contact the clinic by telephone to make an appointment.
Our GP and specialists remain available to you. You can also still contact us for diagnostic examinations, but only by appointment!

Our opening hours: from 8.30 am. until 5.30 pm.
Phone: +34 966 830 849 (also for Home Care)

When the clinic is closed, you can call +34 965 867 801 in case of emergencies.

Testimonials & Clients

Mrs. Dilweg
68 years from Lochem

I have already been a very satisfied client of Euro Clínica Rincón Benidorm for five years.

It is wonderful to receive assistance in your own language, especially when it comes to your health.

It is also nice that I can go to the same address for both the dentist, the physiotherapist and the doctor.

The doctors and medical staff are excellent and skilled doctors and they take enough time for you so you can tell your story. It’s that personal attention that I  sometimes miss in Holland!

The reception is also very friendly. They are very helpful and make you feel at ease. That’s very comforting. They really take your concerns away.

What’s also nice is that we can claim the costs from our insurer after the deductible. Within two days, it is already on our bill!

Mr. B. van Looij
72 years from Holland

I have been following an exercise program in Euro Clínica Rincón for a few months now, under the supervision of physiotherapist Monique Colijn. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 6 years ago.

What I have the most difficulty with is walking and keeping my balance. I feel that I have to think at every step I take.

The exercise program is adjusted to my physical capabilities and wishes. After research and consultation with the physiotherapist, my program mainly consists of training the symptoms that I struggle with in daily life as a Parkinson’s patient.

The program is primarily aimed at maintaining the muscle strength and condition that I have. We are also working hard on my balance problem.

I notice that my legs and arms function better after training. I notice this especially when I walk to my car and get in. I can raise my legs better. My balance has also improved and I notice that mainly when I have to stoop to pick something up. I feel much more secure and can also stand on one leg, which I had a hard time with before training.