Examinations and Tests

Examinations and Tests

In our outpatient clinic, you can have different examinations and tests with a referral from your doctor. Because we feel it is important to know what to expect, we explain each examination or test to you.  If you still have questions after reading this information, feel free to ask us. This can be done before, during and after the test or examination.

You can contact us for the following examinations or tests:

Important to always bring with you :

  • Referral from your family doctor
  • Health insurance cards
  • Medications you use or your medication passport

Electrocardiogram (ECG)
An ECG shows information about the condition and functioning of your heart. During the examination…
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24 Hour ECG (holter ECG)
A holter registration is an examination of the function of your heart over a longer period of time…
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24 Hours Blood Pressure Measurements
With a 24-hour blood pressure measurement, your blood pressure is measured during…
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Exercise ECG
This is a study in which an ECG is made as you ride on an exercise bike. The ECG gives us an understanding…
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Slaap apnea registration
During a polygraphy test, they measure if you have an obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS)…
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Ultrasound upper and lower belly
An ultrasound is a study which shows your interior body. In this technique sound waves are used…
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In Euro Clínica Rincón you can get your blood work done and you can also deliver other…
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A mammogram is an x-ray of your glandular tissue. This way it is possible to detect any abnormalities…
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radiograph is a picture made by using x-rays. It makes the hard parts of your body (such as bone)…
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INR Check
The Dutch Thrombosis Service is a member of the Dutch Federation of Thrombosis Services and is…
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With the spirometry test the lung capacity is measured by means of a device you need to blow in…
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Bone density measurement
A bone density measurement is an x-ray scan of the back and a hip. This makes it possible to…
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