Exercise ECG


This is a study in which an ECG is made as you ride on an exercise bike. The ECG gives us an understanding of how your heart responds to exercise.


Prior to the research we advise you to eat and drink something, because you may not perform the test sober. Do not drink caffeine rich drinks two hours prior to the examination. If you are taking medication, you can just keep taking them. Wear clothing and shoes in which you can easily bike, preferably (jogging) pants. Don´t apply body lotion in the morning before doing the test, otherwise the electrodes will not hold.

What to bring?

  • Easy fitting clothes, sports shoes, towel
  • Health insurance cards
  • Medications (medication passport)

The test

After you have undressed your upper body, electrodes are placed on your chest. When necessary, chest hair will be removed.  The electrodes are connected with an ECG device and record the electric currents that contract the heart muscle. These threads are very safe.

First of all, an ECG is made in rest position.

The cardiologist will ask you a number of questions and listens to your heart and lungs, in order to assess whether it is safe for you to do a maximal exercise stress test.

After the examination by the cardiologist, you go cycling. The cycling gets heavier gradually. The purpose is that you put yourself to the maximum.

If you get chest pain during the test, please indicate this immediately!

During the exercise, your heart rhythm is continuously registered and reviewed by the cardiologist. In addition, your blood pressure is regularly measured.

Duration of the test

30 Minutes

The results

After the cardiologist has reviewed the results, they will be explained and discussed this with you.