24 Hours ECG (holter ECG)


A holter registration is an examination of the function of your heart over a longer period of time.
Using a small box your heart rhythm is registered for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

The examination

There are 4 electrodes using stickers pasted on your chest. These are attached with a cable to a small box. You will be wearing this box throughout the examination. The box continuously records your heart rhythm. Because the box can´t come in contact with water during the registration, you may not swim, shower or bathe. Apart from these activities, the idea is that you do everything you would normally do.

If a sticker or a cord releases then this should be restored as soon as possible. Depending on the cardiologist it may take 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours.

After connecting the box you will receive a holter-journal, in which you can mention all details. Both activities as well as any complaints you have to include in the journal. These details are compared to the ECG by the cardiologist to get a correct interpretation of the registration. They will give you an appointment to detach the box.

Duration of the registration

24-72 Hours

Uitslag van het onderzoek

You get the result generally within 48 hours by making an appointment with your cardiologist to discuss the results of the examination.