A mammogram is an x-ray of your glandular tissue. This way it is possible to detect any abnormalities in your breasts. An x-ray study is performed after referral by a physician. Within 24 hours the radiographs are reviewed by a radiologist.


If you are pregnant, or think you are, please contact the doctor who requested the examination beforehand. During pregnancy we prefer not to do radiographs.

The examination

The laboratory technician will ask you to undress your upper body and to stand in front of the x-ray machine. For making breast radiographs there is a special x-ray machine developed. This device has two plates between which your breasts are compressed (‘ squashed ‘). Compressing is needed for getting good pictures. Two x-rays are taken of each breast. The research is generally not painful.

After the procedure

It may be possible that an additional ultrasound is needed.

Duration of the examination

15 Minutes

The results

The results of the research will be sent within 24 hours to the physician who requested the investigation. Your doctor will give you more information.