Innovative dermatology treatment: Photodynamic therapy with daylight

Now that the sunlight is getting stronger, we are applying photodynamic therapy with daylight again.

Daylight photodynamic therapy (often abbreviated as PDT) is a special technique for the removal of precancerous and superficial forms of skin cancer.

The treatment is based on the principle that a light-sensitive substance is absorbed through the skin with the help of a cream and selectively destroys the malignant or troubled cells in the skin when activated by visible light. It also has a prophylactic effect on the not yet visible spots and thus also prevents the precancerous stages of skin cancer and it has a rejuvenating effect.

After the flakes and crusts have been removed, a sun cream is first applied, which consists only of chemical filters and thus allows the necessary daylight to activate the light-sensitive substance. After 15 minutes the photosensitive cream is applied and after half an hour the patient is allowed to go outside for at least 2 hours. After that, the patient is seen again by the dermatologist and the patient has to stay further out of the sun that day.

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